Memory Mirroring

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HPM-621DE, High Performance Computing


Instruction how test and confirm memory mirroring function workable.

Memory-mirroring mode provides full memory redundancy while reducing the total system memory capacity in half. Memory channels are grouped in pairs with each channel receiving the same data. If a failure occurs, the memory controller switches from the DIMMs on the primary channel to the DIMMs on the backup channel. The DIMM installation order for memory mirroring varies based on the number of processors and DIMMs installed in the server.
• M/B: HPM-621DE
• BIOS version: HPM6210H.bin
• Memory module: 2 x Apacer 8GB ECC REG-DIMM DDR4 3200
• Memory Mirror: Install memory method:
CPU 0: DIMM1+DIMM2 slot or DIMM3+DIMM4 slot or DIMM5+DIMM6 slot

BIOS: HPM6210H.bin
1.BIOS message "(HPM6210H) HPM-621DE BIOS Version:0.0H Date:11/03/2021"
2.Unhide item "Memory RAS Configuration" for Mirror mode can be used

BIOS setting:
BIOS path: Advanced-->Memory Configuration--> Memory RAS Configuration--> Mirror Mode: Enable Mirror Mode(1LM)

It can detected install memory hardware information:

It can look total memory size is 8GB x2 =16GB (7.66GB usable) in Windows 10 OS.

And resource monitor shown that memory have been hardware reserve 8538MB(around 8GB) .

HPM-621DE Memory Mirroring Channel:

1. Enable Memory mirroring, it must install one pair memory DIMM at server board.

Example: one at DIMM1 slot, mirror at DIMM2 slot.

2. It must install same DIMM module/memory type/Model/size and frequency per each channel.