How to trouble shoot EPD-42T (bezel type) series products

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Introduce how to trouble shoot your EPD-42T (bezel type) series products


This document is for EPD-42T with film type P-CAP touch.

Phenomenon and suggestion:

a. No boot up or no action:

Check whether the transformer voltage output is normal, check whether the power LED is light up in green, whether the boot mode jumper setting and corresponding media (eMMC/mSD) is installed, whether the OS is correctly programmed, and whether the programmed OS version is correct.

b. The power supply is normal, the screen is moving but the wired network is not available:

Check if the ethernet environment provide DHCP service, and if limited with allowed MAC address list to access.
Android will need to applied MFG-Tools-20230119(Android_2G_180_eMMC)_FixedIP package to enable fixed IP support.
Linux can access through console port to set fixed IP address.

c. The screen appears fixed line or residual image:

Clear screen or re-upload the picture to check whether the phenomenon disappears, if you cannot eliminate the abnormalities, then it may be a panel failure, according to the RMA process to report and return for repair.

d. Irregular lines present on the screen, incorrect color or lines that not a part of the picture, loose lines or grids:

Panel rupture, as the e-paper material accounts for most of the product cost, you can provide photos and ask for a quote through RMA department to assess whether it is worth paying the transportation fee and repair costs to repair the unit.