How to install ACTE Radar Card driver and test

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Purpose: The radar card is from customer – ACTE Solution AB and the driver builder is SW1-Beyond. The driver is time-sensitive because of the Microsoft WHQL contract relationship.

1. Connection and circuit diagram:
The radar card is connected to J21TP1 of AGE21 motherboard, I2C signal through to U28 and use pin1 (21TP_PWR), pin4 (GND), pin7(I2C5_SCL_10TP), pin8 (I2C5_SDA_10TP).

2. Install Avalue API driver.

3. Adjust the date of system to 2018 years.
4. Install device driver by Administrator permission.

5. If the driver install successfully, message will show as below.

6. Check driver has been installed or not.

7. Run Avalue API demo program.