How to use ADB to install Android APK on VNS-10W01 over ethernet Port or WIFI

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VNS-10W01 VNS-15W01


Through VNS and Another Windows X64 PC Ethernet or WIFI ports, we could
configure both connection as DHCP or Static IP by LAN cable or WIFI Connection, then Use ADP
command for APK install remotely.

Prepare the following equipment or Software:

HW1: VNS-10W01
HW2: Windows 7 or above version and 64bit PC with INTEL Android Device USB Driver installed. =>IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.10.0
ADP packages for remote commands. =>
LAN CABLE and Ethernet HUB support DHCP for Ethernet cable Connection
WIFI AP And WIFI dongle for HW2 for WIFI Connection
SW: preparing installed Android utility APK: demo.apk

Please follow the steps below to restore image

1. Power ON VNS-10W01 with Android OS Preinstalled and running on Android Environment.

2. Make IP Connection for VNS-10W01 through LAN CABLE or WIFI, Find IP for VNS host.

3. On Windows OS PC, Install INTEL Android Device USB DriverIntelAndroidDrvSetup1.10.0

Reboot Widows PC host.

4. Then connect VNS and Windows Host PC by WIFI or Ethernet cable.
Open command prompt in Windows OS [”Windows Key” +R] type cmd and Enter

5. Change the directory into ADB packages Working folder (use "cd" command), and then execute the
following commands in order

a. ipconfig: confirming Windows PC have same domain IP for WIFI connection.

b. adb kill-server (Clear and closed connected adb connection)

c. adb connect (VNS IP address:WIFI)
please confirmed that response:Connected to

d. adb install demo.apk

e. adb shell ( for VNS shell environment, access VNS on-board emmc storage)

f. adb reboot ( reboot VNS unit)