EAX-R680P RAID1 setting SOP

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How setting RAID function in Alder Lake platform board step by step.

Test environment:

1. Board: EAX-R680P-A1R
2. CPU : i9-12900E
3. Memory: 4GB DDR4 Long DIMM
4. OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC 64bit
5. BIOS: E680P00C
6. Storage: Hitachi 120GB SATA HDD/ Seagate 160GB SATA HDD

Please prepare same brand, model and size of your storage device to create a RAID volume is
strongly recommended.

1. Install storage at SATA1 and SATA2 port.
SATA HDD device:
-- SATA Port 1: Hitachi -120GB HDD
-- SATA Port 2: Seagate -160GB HDD

2. Setting RAID1 function in BIOS setup utility:
Before Power ON, please install your two SATA HDD at SATA1 and SATA2 port.
After Power ON please press “Del button” into BIOS setup utility.

  • 2-1. Chipset / System Agent(SA) Configuration VMD Setup menu Enable VMD controller:
  • select “Enable”, then press “F4 key” for “Save & Exit Setup”
  • 2.2. After restart, press “Del button” into BIOS setup utility again. It can see “Intel(R) Rapid
  • Storage Technology” item
  • 2.3. And shown Non-RAID Physical Disks
  • 2.4. Start to create RAID volume
  • To start filling-in RAID Name, Example: Name is EAX-R680P_RAID1
  • RAID Level : select 【RAID1(Mirror)】
  • Mark “X” to select your install SATA disk:
  • And confirm “Capacity (MB)” was detected HDD capacity if correct
  • When fill-in RAID volume was completed, Click “Create Volume”
  • It can see RAID Volumes according:
  • 2.5. It can see all RAID Volume INFO and Status is “Normal”
  • ※If need modify any RAID Volume that must select “Delete” item then setup again.
  • ※RAID management function will disable while only single SATA storage device install.
  • 2.6. Press “F4 key” to “Save configuration and exit” then Power off.
  • 2.7. After RAID volume setting, SATA HDD will show Empty.

3. To start install Windows 10 IoT OS from USB disk. Press “F11” key to select boot device.

3.1 But haven’t detected any storage at all. It need install VMD driver via USB disk.

3.2. Browse select include F6 driver of USB disk and press “OK” button.

You can see HDD total one size been display (Mirror 111.8GB)

3.3. To restart OS and into BIOS setup utility.
Please select “Boot/Boot Option #1Windows Boot Manager (Intel EAX-R680P_RAID1)”is first
boot priority then save and exit

4. Into OS then go to Device Manager that can find Disk drives shown “Intel Raid 1 Volume”

Install Intel RAID driver “SetupRST.exe”

5. To check Disk Manager shown around 111.8GB that mean RAID1 mode is working fine.

Remark: The Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management does not install automatically shortly after
reboot. It need install it from Microsoft store. But Win10 IoT 2021 LTSC version not support Microsoft
store APP, so change Win10 Iot Ent CBB have full download.