How to recovery Android 4.4 for Remedi (BCX30)

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Restore ISO file to USB key and use the USB key to recovery Android 4.4 OS on Remedi system (BCX30).
● Step.1 Restore ISO file to USB key
● Step.2 Use USB key to recovery Android OS


● System Model: Remedi System (BCX30)
● Recovery O.S: Android 4.4.4 and later version
● The production environment of the Recovery USB key: Windows OS
● Software Tool: Rufus ( Note: Portable version/installation version, choose one

There are two steps for you can make a recovery USB key on Windows OS environment and use this USB key to restore the Android OS on Remedi/VNS system. Please refer to following steps.

Step.1 Restore ISO file to USB key

OS Environment: Windows OS
1. Insert the USB stick and select it.
2. Click SELECT to select the ISO file.

3. Please to check the settings, then click START to start the restore action.

4. Click Yes.

5. Start to format the USB stick and restore ISO

6. After finished, please click CLOSE.

Step.2 Use USB key to recovery Android OS

OS Environment: None

1. Insert USB key and turn on power.
2. Press F12 to go to Boot Manager, and select your USB key.

3. It will boot into the Recovery mode, and start the recovery automatically.

4. After finished, it will restart. Please remove USB key.