Use the command capsule to override secure flash policy and program the BIOS image

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This document will show you how to flash the BIOS in UEFI mode.

1. Ensure the BIOS file should contain the files as follow:

EFI folder 【1. Bootx64.efi; 2. Shellx64.efi; 3. Shell.efi】
BIOS batch file 【1. afuefix64.efi; 2. Update.nsh; 3. XXXXX.BIN (CEHL012.BIN, for example)】

2. Please format your USB Pen driver as FAT32 type.

3. Copy all the files of the BIOS into your USB pen driver.

4. Plug the USB pen driver to the board with which you want to flash. Remove all the other bootable devices such as HDD or DVD. Turn on the board, and the board will boot up with EFI shell.

5. Please type in “fs0:” for entering your USB pen driver which has now plugged into the board.

6. Please key in update.nsh to start to flash the BIOS automatically, and it will take a few steps to complete the BIOS update procedure.

7. Press “Y” to proceed

8. Press “Yes, I’m sure” to update the image

9. Press” Proceed with flash update”

10. BIOS firmware flash process is ongoing.

11. Press any key to reset the system after the update is completed.

12. Please turn off the power, and then power on again to check if the new BIOS has been flashed successfully.