How to adding a virtual screen while no screen attached to Avalue Products.

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For some application or space limitation, there is no screen attached on Avalue products, for remote maintain purpose, it must adding this virtual screen feature under windows OS, otherwise, there would be nothing displayed while making remote connection.

Find and Download the required Zip file. Unzip the file and copy it to C:\usbmmidd_v2\

Press the keyboard “Windows”Key + “R” key to call the execution window

Enter regedit in the open position and the follow the regedit's tool bar using this "Find" function to
Find the registry key:

In the blank space, right-click and select => “New” => “String Value”.

You can enter any name on the new KEY. Ex:Vscreen

Click the new added “Vscreen” KEY, right-click, select Modify, enter the value data “C:\usbmmidd_v2\enabled.bat” , and click OK!

Open a command prompt window as Administrator

Run the following commands:

cd c:\usbmmid_v2
deviceinstaller64 install usbmmidd.inf usbmmidd

Restarting your Avalue products without Monitor attached.


==> While remote connection linked, You could have virtual display for output to your maintance client PC.