How to make Avalue Board support Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Function

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We already made a document (S23002) which will teach you to set BIOS & OS & LAN driver to support Wake-on-LAN function, so that continue refer to this document to know how to test Wake-on-LAN.


  • DUT motherboard: ECM-EHL-A1 (BIOS: CEHL015, EC: 1D)
  • Magic Package Sender motherboard: EMX-SKLGP (BIOS: XSKLG00I, EC: 0A)
  • OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019LTSC (version 1809) 64bit English
  • Software tool: WkoLAN32.exe
  • After referring to S23002 to prepare the environment for support Wake-on-LAN, continue to refer the following steps to test this function.
  • Step 1: Prepare the following environment. The Wake-on-LAN DUT is ECM-EHL, and EMX-SKLGP is the computer that sends Magic Packet to DUT.
  • Step 2: After modified LAN driver PME settings and Windows Power Option settings to support Wake-on-LAN, record LAN MAC address of DUT and enter to S3/S4/S5 state, then the LED of LAN will blink.
  • Step 3: On another PC (e.g., EMX-SKLGP), run WkoLAN32.exe and add the configuration file.
  • 1. Change to Configure tab.
  • 2. Click Add to add group name and tick all protocols.
  • 3. Click Add to add a LAN device with MAC address.

Step 4: Change to Wake tab and select one LAN of DUT which you connected via Ethernet cable.
1. Change to Wake tab.
2. Select one LAN which you already connected with the Magic Package Sender through Ethernet cable.
3. Click Add to add this LAN to the wake-up list. Or you can add all LAN device of DUT and all them to the wake-up list

  • Step 5: Click Wake to send Mage Package to DUT, and the DUT will wake up.