Dedicated vs Shared IPMI port

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To know the differences between NC-SI and dedicated LAN

Dedicated PHY scenario vs NC-SI(Shared) scenario

Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI):
NC-SI, is an electrical interface and protocol defined by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). The NC-SI enables the connection of a baseboard management controller (BMC) to network interface controllers (NICs) in a server computer system for the purpose of enabling out-of-band system management. This allows the BMC to use the network connections of the NIC ports for the management traffic, in addition to the regular host traffic.
The NC-SI defines a control communication protocol between the BMC and NICs. The NC-SI is supported over several transports and physical interfaces.

  • HPM621

1. Which one is recommended for BMC management?
A dedicated LAN is usually a local area network dedicated to server management. By establishing a private LAN connection between the server and the management computer, the administrator can access and manage the server without worrying about collisions or interference with other network traffic.

If you have a limited budget or space for network cabling, NC-SI may be a good option as it uses the existing network infrastructure. However, if you have security concerns, a dedicated LAN may be a better choice.

In summary, the choice between NC-SI and a dedicated LAN for BMC management depends on your specific needs, budget, and security requirements.

2. What is the bandwidth of dedicated LAN?
Bandwidth of dedicated LAN which is RTL8211F is 1000Mbps.