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Operations Management

Publish Date

31 Aug. 2022

Company Profile

Figure 3.2.1 Global Distribution Map

Figure 3.2.2 Production manufacturing center

Avalue Technology Incorporation  is a professional industrial computer manufacturing company that leverages its technological expertise to provide specialized industrial computer solutions to its customers. The company is dedicated to developing products based on x86 and RISC architectures, which include industrial embedded motherboards, industrial computers, tablets, system modules, POS terminals, software, and various Internet of Things (IoT) compatible products.

With years of experience, Avalue Technology offers PCB manufacturing, assembly, BIOS version control, and after-sales services, ensuring quality assurance across various business areas. The company is certified under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 to guarantee its commitment to customers in these domains.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Avalue Technology operates globally with subsidiaries in locations such as New Jersey and California in the United States, Shanghai in China, and Tokyo in Japan. Furthermore, the company has established a network of distributors worldwide to support supply chain distribution and provide on-the-ground service to meet the needs of customers around the world.

As a dedicated industrial computer manufacturer, Avalue Technology deeply understands customer needs, anticipates future trends, and continually designs and produces environmentally friendly products that comply with international standards while reducing environmental impact. The company actively collaborates with experts in various fields and strives to be an industry leader, reducing costs for customers, enhancing sustainable competitiveness, and making substantial efforts to mitigate global climate change.

Avalue Technology places a strong emphasis on the work-life balance of its employees, providing a comfortable and safe working environment. It has established a workers' welfare committee that offers a diverse range of benefits and activities to promote physical and mental well-being for employees. Simultaneously, the company values communication, encouraging employees to freely express their expectations and feedback, fostering mutual growth and development with the company.

In summary, Avalue Technology remains committed to developing innovative products, achieving sustainability, and creating more value for its customers and employees. We believe that through collective efforts, Avalue Technology will contribute to a brighter future.

Governance Structure

Figure 3.2.3 Governance Structure Chart

Avalue Technology firmly believes that good corporate governance is the foundation of sustainable business development. Over the years, we have been committed to establishing effective governance structures, safeguarding shareholder rights, strengthening the functions of the board of directors, respecting the rights of stakeholders, and enhancing transparency. Avalue adheres to these principles and gradually implements various systems and measures to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of corporate governance. This commitment ensures the practice of sound governance principles, allowing us to pursue the maximization of shareholder rights and the sustainable development of the company.

The Tasks of its Principal Divisions

Diversity and Independence of Board of Directors

Table 3.2.4: Implementation status of the policies for the diversity of the Board of Directors’ members

(1)Diversity of the Board of Directors: The Company has formulated the policies for diversification of its Board of Directors' members, and it discloses such policies on its website and MOPS. Directors are nominated through a rigorous selection process that not only diversified backgrounds, professional abilities and experience are considered, but also great importance was attached to the gender equality of the Board of Directors' members and the reputation of individual directors concerning ethical conduct and leadership. At present, there is one female director among the members of the Company's Board of Directors, which is in line with the management goal for corporate governance that there shall be at least one female director in the Board of Directors, and the nine members of the Company's Board of Directors have diversified backgrounds, including different industrial and financial, accounting and academic and other professional backgrounds and rich experience in operating company, and they generally have the knowledge, skills and quality required for performance of their duties to give play to the functions of business decision-making, leadership and supervision, and they continue to receive continued education to improve their professionalism every year legally.

(2)Independence of the Board of Directors: There are nine members of the Company's Board of Directors, including three independent directors, accounting for one-third of all directors, and there are no directors who are spouse or relatives within the second degree of kinship, so the Company's Board of Directors is independent.

Board of Directors' Functional Goals and Execution Evaluation

To strengthen corporate governance, Avalue Technology has established clear goals for the board of directors' functions and conducts assessments to ensure effective implementation.

Firstly, in order to better manage the compensation policy, the company established the Compensation Committee on November 18, 2011, consisting of three independent directors. This committee regularly evaluates and provides professional recommendations to assist the board of directors in ensuring a reasonable compensation policy to promote the company's long-term and stable development.

Secondly, on June 12, 2020, the company conducted a board of directors' election, simultaneously appointing three independent directors and establishing the Audit Committee to replace the traditional supervisory system. The Audit Committee, composed of all independent directors, is responsible for executing the legal provisions concerning the powers of supervisors under the Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and other regulations, ensuring the financial and audit operations of the company.

Board of Directors' Performance and Remuneration

The company values the effectiveness of the board of directors and, on December 17, 2020, established the Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation Method. The results of the performance evaluations for the board of directors, individual directors, and various functional committees for the year 2022 were reported to the board on March 29, 2023. Through performance evaluations, the operational efficiency of the board of directors is ensured, continually strengthening the board's functions and execution.

The establishment of the Compensation Committee ensures the fairness and reasonableness of the compensation policies for directors and executives. The involvement of independent directors guarantees the objectivity of compensation assessments and ensures alignment between the interests of board members and the long-term development of the company.

In the future, Avalue Technology will continue to enhance the functions of the board of directors, improve corporate governance efficiency, and ensure the company achieves sustainable operations and growth, creating more value for customers, employees, and shareholders. We firmly believe that through collective efforts, Anqin Technology will construct a brighter future.

Products and Applications

Figure 3.2.5 Product

Avalue Technology is committed to the development of products based on x86 and RISC architectures. Its product range includes industrial motherboards and single-board computers, industrial computers, tablets, embedded computer modules, point-of-sale terminals, semi-rugged tablets, and embedded software. To better meet customer needs, the company is integrating technologies towards the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), with a focus on applications in smart healthcare, intelligent retail stores, restaurants, Industry 4.0 smart factories, and intelligent transportation.

Simultaneously, Avalue Technology continuously simplifies system assembly, reduces product weight, and extends product life cycles. The company's main design principles center around high performance, easy scalability, and user-friendliness, providing more reliable, stable, and compatible products. The aim is to save costs in every stage, including labor and transportation, thereby creating more profits for customers and contributing to environmental conservation.

Avalue Technology is certified under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO-45001:2018, ensuring high-quality products. The company is also part of the Green Supply Chain Management System (GPM Light Professional), reflecting its commitment to sustainable Earth practices. Anqin Technology's outstanding performance in product quality, environmental protection, and social responsibility establishes it as a trustworthy supplier.

Avalue Promotes Energy-efficient Electronic Paper Signboards Low Power Consumption、Solar Power Supply、Excellent Visibility Even in Sunlight

Avalue is one of the early partners of E Ink, collaborating on innovations in various electronic paper display applications. In particular, they have implemented intelligent electronic paper signboards in Taipei City, leveraging the unique characteristics of electronic paper, notably its extremely low power consumption. Powered by solar energy, these signboards provide real-time bus information, not only saving on electricity costs but also eliminating the need for complicated procedures such as wiring and road excavation, ultimately saving on manpower and time resources. Compared to traditional LCD screens, electronic paper remains clear and visible in sunlight, with anti-reflective and anti-glare features.

Avalue also offers professionally customized designs for water resistance and night lighting. Additionally, they have emergency backup power boxes to address prolonged periods of insufficient sunlight due to inclement weather. This 31.2-inch wide panel design not only provides real-time bus route information but also allows flexible use of the display for policy promotion and advertisements.

This design has been successfully piloted in several cities in the United States. The low power consumption and highly energy-efficient features of electronic paper are expected to play an indispensable role in smart cities.

Avalue Received Subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Industrial Development Bureau to Create the Taoyuan City Smart Transportation Project

In the rapidly growing wave of global demand for smart cities, Avalue Technology has been deeply involved in this field for many years. With artificial intelligence (AI) as its core foundation, starting from the Taiwan market, Avalue has received support and subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Industrial Development Bureau. This assistance has helped introduce AI smart intersections to Taoyuan City and further extend comprehensive solutions to other regions. Additionally, Avalue Technology actively aligns with the New Southbound Policy, seeking more opportunities arising from smart city developments abroad, further deepening our focus on the most crucial aspect of smart cities: bridging the gap between people and technology.

The challenges in urban traffic management are becoming increasingly severe. To address the vertical market demands brought by trends such as smart transportation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence, Avalue Technology provides customized solutions to meet the common needs of different cities for traffic management: reducing accidents and congestion, enhancing traffic safety, and maintaining order. We look forward to collaborating with partners to build a more complete smart city, collectively facing the challenges of smart city development and bringing more convenient, safe, and efficient living experiences to urban residents. Avalue Technology will continue to dedicate itself to advancing the innovation of smart city technologies and making more contributions to the construction of smarter, sustainable cities.

Tainan Wins the Land Innovation Incubation Base, Jointly Creating a Smart and Sustainable City

Avalue Technology, in collaboration with the National Development Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Tainan City Government, has established the '5G Tainan Team.' We are dedicated to applying 5G technology in the public sector of Tainan City, aiming to become the model for the first smart city in Taiwan. With sustainability as our core philosophy and digital, experiential, and circular economy as the main directions, we are building an efficient service team that connects local and central resources. Together, we are driving the entrepreneurial service ecosystem, transitioning from local development to the international stage, and working towards the sustainable development goal of 「New Innovation Base, Winning the Future」.

In the future, Avalue Technology will continue to work tirelessly, making more positive contributions to the construction of smart cities in Taiwan. We are committed to innovating technological applications, leading the wave of smart city development, providing citizens with more convenient and intelligent life experiences, and actively promoting green and sustainable urban development. This is our promise for the future, and we believe that through collective efforts, Taiwan's smart cities will become a globally recognized success story.

Avalue Collaborates with Innodisk to Jointly Build the Smart Transportation Infrastructure in Taipei City

The RENITY SENTINEL 2 (RS2) intelligent solution, jointly developed by Avalue and Innodisk, collaborates with the Taipei City Traffic Bureau's signal control system. It utilizes digital monitoring systems to collect data, and through intelligent data analysis, provides adjustable real-time traffic signal control functions, improving traffic flow in Taipei City and enhancing the convenience and safety of both vehicles and pedestrians. According to data, the introduction of the smart system has effectively reduced traffic congestion by 10-15% and lowered communication costs by 85%.

Avalue's successful application of edge computing in the traffic system represents a breakthrough, ensuring that future IoT infrastructure will be equipped with more reliable and intelligent dual-frequency management. This allows for easy remote recovery even for edge devices facing severe issues such as data corruption and operating system failures.

The RS2 intelligent solution introduced by Avalue is built on a highly integrated hardware and software architecture. In collaboration with InnoAGE by Innodisk, it customizes and creates a remote management-enhanced system for clients, helping industries continually move towards goals of efficiency and reliability.

Co-creating a sustainable and better life, pioneering a new consumer experience with POS touch sales terminals.

In the post-pandemic era, consumer shopping habits have undergone significant changes. The traditional dominance of physical stores in consumer behavior has gradually shifted towards an omnichannel approach, combining both online and offline channels. Brand loyalty has decreased, price comparison has increased, and for operators, providing products that better suit consumers and offer reasonable value for money has become crucial.

The multifunctional POS touch sales terminal developed by Avalue Technology not only facilitates fast and accurate checkouts in a smarter way but also integrates various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, electronic payments, and cloud-based electronic invoices. This makes the shopping process more convenient and comfortable for consumers. Business owners can leverage various analysis tools and data visualization features, combined with the revenue reports from the POS touch sales terminal, to more accurately predict opportunities and methods to increase sales. This enables them to make optimal staffing arrangements and utilize intelligent analytics to assist in making better business decisions, ultimately delivering a better consumer experience and a more fulfilling life.

The Intelligent Bedside Medical Entertainment System Enhances the Patient Experience and Improves the Quality of Healthcare

Taiwan is facing increasingly severe issues of population aging and declining birth rates. Family and societal caregiving capabilities are weakening, leading to a growing demand for healthcare services. To address the challenges posed by the aging population and increasing healthcare needs, it is imperative to enhance doctor-patient relationships and improve the healthcare experience.

Since 2006, Avalue Technology has been involved in the development of bedside medical entertainment systems. Starting from original design manufacturing (ODM) research and development and manufacturing, Avalue has progressed to launch its own brand of bedside medical entertainment system solutions. Over the past decade, Avalue has been dedicated to promoting smart healthcare, improving the patient experience, reducing barriers between healthcare professionals and patients, and enhancing the experience of patients who need to stay in the hospital for treatment.

For patients, Avalue's bedside medical entertainment system focuses on increasing patient convenience and facilitating healthcare professionals' use. It combines entertainment, audio-visual features, service reservations, video calls, and more. This allows family members who cannot visit in person to monitor the condition of their loved ones through the intelligent bedside medical care computer, reducing the travel time for distant relatives and friends. For healthcare professionals, the system, connected to the hospital's electronic medical records system through secure devices, enables direct explanation of pathology reports to patients and their families at the bedside. It ensures timely entry of examination data into the electronic medical records system, reducing the workload of nursing staff in repetitive copying and minimizing error rates.

The promotion of smart healthcare solutions aims to bring health and happiness to the people, contributing to the realization of the goals of sustainable cities.


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