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Stakeholder Engagement

Publish Date

31 Aug. 2022

2.1.1 Identification and Analysis Flowchart

Avalue Technology adheres to the AA1000AP(2018) accountability principle and categorizes stakeholders based on inclusivity, significance, responsiveness, and impact. It also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and GRI Standards for sustainability reporting. The company is developing a model and process to analyze significant issues based on specific criteria to identify the most crucial matters for both the organization and its stakeholders. This process guides the determination of the scope and content of their sustainability report, which includes relevant management policies and performance metrics. Furthermore, this analysis confirms that Avalue Technology's sustainability report covers important internal and external sustainability challenges. This information is used to formulate sustainability management objectives, which are reported to the board of directors at least once a year after review by the chairman.

Stakeholder Ientification and Communication

Environmental sustainability, social well-being, and corporate governance (ESG) issues are important directions for Avalue Technology's practice of sustainable business operations. These issues are also key factors influencing the company's sustainable development.

The company has invited department heads from across the organization to identify stakeholders, with a particular focus on the AA1000AP (2018) accountability principles, which include inclusivity, materiality, responsiveness, and impact. Six priority stakeholder categories have been identified, including employees, shareholders/investors, customers/partners, suppliers, government agencies, and communities/non-profit organizations.

To ensure that we fully understand the needs and opinions of all stakeholders, Avalue Technology has developed a communication policy that emphasizes two-way interactions through a variety of channels. Our approach involves engaging in daily business interactions and utilizing a range of communication channels, as outlined in the table below. By doing so, we can effectively communicate with stakeholders and receive feedback on sustainability issues that are important to them.

The table on the right summarizes the communication channels that Avalue commonly utilizes, along with their respective frequencies.


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