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ePaper Solution

Communication Board / Bulletin

An ePaper bulletin system in a hospital involves utilizing ePaper displays to create digital bulletin boards that showcase important information such as announcements, notices, schedules, and updates.

The ePaper offer low power consumption, excellent visibility, and can be wirelessly connected to a central system. Hospital staff can remotely update the displayed content, ensuring that patients, visitors, and employees receive timely and accurate information without the need for physical maintenance or frequent power changes. This technology streamlines communication within the hospital, providing a modern and eco-friendly solution for disseminating essential messages.

An ePaper Communication Board, also known as an ePaper Bulletin, is a digital communication tool that utilizes electronic paper display technology to simulate the appearance of ink on paper. Unlike traditional LCD or LED screens, ePaper displays mimic the appearance of printed text and images, providing high contrast, wide viewing angles, and minimal power consumption.


Communication Board

  • 42”ePaper Black And White Panel
  • 16 Level Grey Scale
  • True Flat Front Panel
  • Dual mPCIe Expansion Slot
  • PCAP Touch
  • LAN/ Wi-Fi/ LTE Support

Information Bulletin

  • 31.2” ePaper Black And White, 16 Grey Scale
  • True Flat Cover Glass, Optional PCAP Touch
  • Slim Bezel Design
  • Support WiFi/ LTE Module
  • Optional Open Frame/ PCAP Touch/Front Light Module

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