Revolutionize Manufacturing with RENITY ARGUS: Predictive Maintenance, Quality Inspection, and Equipment Monitoring

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Data Analystics

IOT Based Smart Manufacturing Solution

An intelligent inspection and maintenance system which can condition monitor, automatic diagnose and manage maintenance information on your equipment.

Smart Diagnostic for ARGUS

Argus is a hundred-eyed giant in Greek mythology, who will keep one eye open even when sleeping, and has the characteristics of monitoring and loyalty. In the same way, the solution has the same capabilities of always monitoring and reliable as the giant. Hence, it was named RENITY ARGUS. This product is an intelligent inspection and maintenance system which can condition monitor, automatic diagnose and manage maintenance information on your equipment. Our technology combines vibration analysis and data science computation which can achieve the purpose of predictive maintenance and automatic inspection.

Does it ring a bell to you

➥ Face to the huge and complicated data to make the maintaining decision.

➥ Define a lot of ISO documentations, standards and procedures, but the problem is happening again and again.

➥ Face to quality issues, to try to find the root cause through the PLC setting or the mechanism.

➥ The explanation and argument between the operators, the electrics and the maintainer all the time.

How to use ARGUS to achieve predictive maintenance?

ARGUS uses the collected vibration signals to convert the data into a trend graph through a dedicated algorithm for the equipment, through a simple interface, the user can intuitive understand the state of the equipment. In addition, the algorithm can predict the state that the equipment will face and diagnose the root cause of the problem, reducing the cost and time wasted due to equipment maintenance.


The solution mainly solves

✔ Avoid unexpected machine failures

✔ Reduce losses by up to 90%

✔ 30% reduction in costs from human resources

✔ Target to the root cause of the issue

✔ Spending least cost to achieve fast troubleshooting

Quality Inspection Decision Making System

✔Provide dynamic online information of quality inspection result .

✔ A Real time notice when production producing anomaly.

✔ Reduce production loss, lower defect rate by immediately report the abnormal production.

✔ Ensure stable production efficiency to keep good reputation of product. 

Equipment Maintenance Decision Making System

✔ Monitoring initiative of equipment and clearly be informed which equipment should be noticed. Take corrective action on right equipment immediately

✔ Spend less on equipment repairs and maintenance.

✔ Avoid unexpected machine crash to reduce production losses

Pain Points

Problem analysis & Troubleshooting

Solving downtime & Pain points of maintenance

Once downtime & Huge loss

Maintenance decisions & Management fatigue

Idle waiting & Wasting of time

Solution Structure

A complete product included the Sensor, the IOT Gateway, DAQ and the Software, which brings you the intelligent experience. A few steps to complete field installation, which turns the complicated problem into simple and crystal clear helps you make the maintenance decision.

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