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How to upgrade audio driver on Windows for BCX11 and BCX12

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ACC-ARM-D15R ACC-ARM-D16R ACC-ARM-D1R ACC-ARM-D20R ACC-ARM-D21R ACC-ARM-D22R ACC-ARM-D23R ACC-ARM-D29R ACC-ARM-D33R ACC-ARM-D40R ACC-ARM-D41R ACC-ARM-D49R ACC-ARM-D8R ACC-RITYVESA-B075R APC-1733 APC-2132 APC-2138 APC-2334 ARC-1033 ARC-10W00 ARC-10W33 ARC-1200 ARC-1209 ARC-1209-B ARC-1232 ARC-1232-B ARC-1235 ARC-1235-B ARC-1238 ARC-1238-B ARC-1500 ARC-1509 ARC-1509-B ARC-1532 ARC-1532-B ARC-1533 ARC-1535-B ARC-1538-B ARC-15W00 ARC-15W32 ARC-15W33 ARC-1700 ARC-1732 ARC-1738-C ARC-21W00 ARC-21W33 ARC-21W34 BFC-07R1 BFC-10W9 BFC-10W9 B1 BFC-1209 BFC-1232 BFC-1509 BFC-15W9 CCD-07WR2 CCD-10WR2 EPB-1001 FPC-08W29 FPC-10W09 FPC-1736 ACC-GENICART-01R HID-21V-BTX HMI Turnkey Solution IET DB-A IET DB-B IET DB-C IET DB-D IET DB-E IET DB-F IET DB-G IET DB-H IET DB-K LPC-0809 LPC-0833 LPC-1009 LPC-1209 LPC-1232 LPC-1509 LPC-1532 LPC-1709(STD) OFM-15W00 OFM-21W00 OFP-07W33 OFP-15W33 OFP-15W38 OFP-21W33 OFP-21W38 OFT-07W03 OFT-10W02 OFT-10W03 OFT-10W04 OFT-1202 OFT-1502 OFT-15W03 OFT-15W04 OFT-21W03 OFT-21W04 OFT-21WR1 OTC PCC-APC-AB23-C PCC-ARC-AB10-C PCC-ARC-AB12-C PCC-ARC-AB12-R PCC-ARC-AB15-C-04R PCC-ARC-AB15-C-05R PCC-ARC-AB15-C-09R PCC-ARC-AB17-C PCC-ARC-AB21-C PCC-FPC-AB08-R PCC-FPC-AB10-R PCC-LPC-AB08-R PCC-OFP-AB07-C-01R PCC-PPC-AB15-R PCC-PPC-AB21-R PCC-SPC-AB17-R PCC-SPC-AB22-R PPC-1529 PPC-1729 PPC-2129 RiPac-10P2 RiPac-10P3 RITY102 RITY103 RITY122 RITY152 RITY153 RiVar-1501 RiVar-1502 SID-10W03 SID-10W04 SID-15W03 SID-15W04 SID-21W03 SID-21W04 SPC-1209 SPC-1509 SPC-1533 SPC-1533-B1 SPC-1709 SPC-2133 SPC-2133-B1 SPC-22W9 VNS-10W01 VNS-15W01 ARC-1535 AUX-086 ARC-1538 ARC-21W38 Arch-Swing A-Frame Arm Geni-Tec Power On Pole ACC-BAT-GENI-01R ACC-BAT-GENI-04R ARC-1037 OFR-15WMX OFR-21WMX AUX-TCB PT58 ARC-21W35 AUX-080 VNS-10WR2 OFT-07WR3 SID-10WAD APC-15WR2 OFT-07WAD OFT-10WR3 ARC-1233 RCC-CAR-HGD-01R OFT-10WAD RCC-CAR-HGD-DH-01R RCC-CAR-HGD-KB-01R RCC-CAR-HGD-CH-01R RCC-PTZCAM-01R RCC-CAR-HGD-BR-01R RPC-15WNX RPC-15WNX ACC-ARM-D45R LPC-1738-B1 ARC-1538-C1 ARC-21W38- C1 ARC-10W37 SID-23WRP SID-21WR2 SID-10WR2 SID-21WR1 SID-15WR1 SID-15WR1 SID-10WR1 OFT-21WR2 OFT-10WR2 OFT-07WR2 OFT-15WR1 OFT-10WR1 OFT-07WR1 SID-21WR8 SID-21WR8 ACC-ARM-D19R OFP-28W42 OFM-28W00 ARC-18W33


Since audio codec change from ALC5645 to ALC5672, the audio driver needs to upgrade to v10.0.10586.4511, so make some steps for audio driver upgrade.


Model: OFT-07W01
M/B: BCX12
Operating System: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB 32bit
Original Audio Driver Version: 10.0.10586.4445 (Driver Package v1.2)
New Audio Driver Version: 10.0.10586.4511 (Driver Package v1.3)

How to check audio codec for BCX11 and BCX12

Before start to upgrade audio driver, if you need to check the audio codec model, please refer to the steps below.

Step 1: Device Management.
Step 2: Select Realtek I2S Audio Codec and mouse right click to open Properties.
Step 3: Details > Property: Hardware Ids, to check the number after DEV.

  • (The example below is ALC5645)

How to upgrade driver for BCX11 and BCX12

  • 1. Device Manager > Realtek I2S Audio Codec > Properties
  • 2. Update Driver.
  • 3. Browse my computer from driver software.
  • 4. To select the patch for new audio driver folder.
  • 5. Click Install.
  • 6. Then it will jump the system settings change notice and ask to restart operating system.
  • 7. After the operating system restarts, please check whether the driver version has been upgraded.

Please enter model name like EES* or *3711* in the search box.
After you click “OK” button, you can get the search result.


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