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Ethical Management

Publish Date

31 Aug. 2022

Avalue Technology has been adhering to the business philosophy of 『Steady Innovation ⸱ Diligent Passion ⸱ Enjoy Work ⸱ Embrace Life』 since its inception. We explore innovative technologies, produce, and sell life automation single-board computers. With a mission to be responsible global citizens, we fulfill our corporate responsibilities and strive for sustainable operations. The Audit Department serves as the unit responsible for promoting ethical business practices within the company. They are responsible for formulating and supervising the implementation of the ethical business policy and prevention of unethical behavior program. They report to the board of directors at least once a year and conduct internal awareness campaigns. The board of directors has a duty of care to oversee the prevention of unethical behavior within the company, ensuring the implementation of the ethical business policy.

Steady Innovation 

No speculating, no taking shortcuts, we aim for steady growth with a sustainable business philosophy. We continuously explore innovations, hoping to produce more environmentally friendly, demand-meeting, and high-quality products that promote social well-being. Our goal is to become a professional, profit-driven, world-class international company.

Diligent Passion 

We serve our customers wholeheartedly, building excellent teams from the inside out based on mutual trust and mutual assistance. We uphold the principles of honest and responsible business, facing challenges with courage, and making the greatest effort for a better future for the planet.

Enjoy Work 

We provide a warm and secure workplace where employees can give their best. We prepare a dazzling stage for those with the ability to unleash their full potential. Caring for each other and offering encouragement, we aim for a virtuous cycle that achieves a wonderful vision that all employees and their families can take pride in.

Embrace Life

We sincerely give back to all our employees as if they were family, offering diverse and enriching activities aimed at promoting the physical and mental well-being of all. This enables everyone to relax and rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul during leisure time, thus enhancing their overall quality of life.

Business Ethics Risk Management

Avalue Technology places significant importance on integrity and has formulated the "Code of Ethics for Directors and Managers" and the "Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Guidelines," which are publicly available on the company's website. These guidelines encompass the company's directors, managers, employees, appointees, and substantial controllers, all of whom are committed to upholding the principles of integrity and actively implementing the concept of ethical business.

To prevent conflicts of interest, the company has implemented relevant provisions that require all personnel to recuse themselves when dealing with parties with vested interests in a decision. If there are concerns regarding these matters, internal employees can raise them with their superiors, while external parties can provide feedback through written communication, email, or the company's public contact information. The company expects all stakeholders to acknowledge and adhere to the standards of ethical conduct.

As circumstances dictate, the company includes terms related to ethical behavior in contracts with counterparties. In the event of unethical behavior during a transaction, the company reserves the right to terminate the transaction or terminate the contract.

To maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness, the company has established robust accounting and internal control systems and conducts regular audits. External auditors, such as the KPMG, perform periodic financial statement audits and internal control system audits to ensure that the company's operations comply with legal requirements and adhere to the standards of ethical conduct.

Anti-Corruption Reporting

Avalue Technology has established the "Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Guidelines" as well as the "Guidelines for Reporting Illegal, Unethical, or Unethical Conduct Cases." Through these guidelines, both internal and external individuals can understand and adhere to the relevant codes of conduct, as well as the procedures and channels for reporting unethical behavior.

In the "Guidelines for Reporting Illegal, Unethical, or Unethical Conduct Cases," we have clearly defined the criteria for accepting reports, the related procedures, actions to be taken upon completing an investigation, and confidentiality principles. Additionally, we pledge to maintain the confidentiality and protection of the identity and content of whistleblowers. We exercise discretion in selecting suitable individuals to participate in case investigations to prevent any unfair treatment or threats to whistleblowers.

Avalue Technology is committed to upholding the principles of ethical business conduct, ensuring that the company's operations consistently adhere to moral and legal standards.


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