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Talent Attraction and Retention

Publish Date

31 Aug. 2022


Employees are the greatest asset of any company, and a strong asset is crucial for growth!

Avalue Technology's corporate philosophy is guided by 『Steady Innovation ⸱ Diligent Passion ⸱ Enjoy Work ⸱ Embrace Life』 . We strive to create an environment where our employees can thrive and enjoy their work. We prioritize sincerity over pretense and strive to provide a safe working environment that does not compromise the wellbeing of our employees. We avoid speculative business tactics and aim to foster a workplace where our staff can feel content, accomplished, and receive the appropriate professional development. By working collectively and with one heart, we can drive greater profitability for the company, which will allow us to reinvest in our employees and create a virtuous cycle of success that is embedded throughout the entire organization. We aspire to make this virtuous cycle the guiding principle for all employees.

Management Policy and Commitment

Avalue Technology complies with labor laws and regulations, including the Labor Standards Law, formulates a code of conduct, responds to the international basic labor human rights principles, hires international talents, and upholds the principles of legality, fairness, justice, equality, voluntariness, honesty, credit, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), etc. in matters such as recruitment, employment, salary, promotion, performance evaluation, training opportunities, etc. We have never discriminated against or treated any employee differently or in any form of discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, place of birth, ethnicity, language, disability, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, etc., and we strictly prohibit the recruitment of child labor or illegal labor. At the same time, we are committed to creating a friendly workplace that respects gender equality, intergenerational and diverse inclusion, and promises that same-sex marriage can also enjoy the same rights in the company. We respect each other's differences and wholeheartedly establish the foundation of harmony and prosperity for the company.

Avalue Technology Human Rights Policy

Employee Profile

Avalue Technology employed a total of 745 global employees in 2022, of which 317 were full-time permanent employees at the headquarters. All these employees are full-time and permanent. Due to the characteristics of the industry market, the gender ratio of employees in Taiwan was 1.6:1, and the gender ratio of managers above the supervisor level was 2.9:1. Despite the surge in demand for epidemic prevention and care due to the pandemic, all employees successfully maintained a healthy work-life balance, and thus, no employee applied for unpaid leave this year.

It is worth mentioning that both turnover and arrival rates exhibited an upward trajectory this year. This trend can be attributed to changing market conditions and employees' emphasis on career growth. We are grateful to all departing employees and thank them for their contributions to Avalue Technology.

In addition, we also found that the average age and the average service years of our employees have decreased. This shows that the company continues to attract and retain young, innovative talent.

Avalue Technology is committed to creating a proactive, inclusive, equal, and respectful work environment that provides excellent career development opportunities and benefits to its employees. We value the personal growth of each team member and encourage them to continuously learn and improve.

Looking ahead, Avalue will remain attentive to changes in employee profiles and optimize its talent development and management strategies based on market needs and employee expectations. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we anticipate that Avalue Technology will continue to be an excellent enterprise that employees and customers' trust.

Welfare System

Enjoy Work and Embrace Life is the consistent management philosophy of Avalue Technology. Therefore, we provide a range of humanized benefits, including daily afternoon tea and coffee, festival bonuses/gifts, marriage/funeral/birthday/maternity/hospitalization allowances, domestic/overseas travel subsidies/family day/sports day, year-end party, paid volunteer leave, free motorcycle parking space for employees, etc. We also follow the Labor Standards Act and establish a salary management system, performance appraisal measures and company rules, and set up a staff welfare committee, etc., to reflect the operational performance or results in the employees' salaries. We also provide various insurance benefits according to the law, including pension contributions, group insurance, overseas travel insurance for business trips, etc., to protect the workplace and personal safety of our colleagues.

Retirement System

There are two types of pension contribution systems, and employees who joined the company before June 30, 2005, have the option to choose either the old or new system. We adhere to the monthly contribution rule in Taiwan and contribute the full amount. In accordance with the Labor Standards Law, we provide a retirement plan for our employees. We contribute 2% of our employees' salaries and wages to a pension fund each month, which is deposited into the Bank of Taiwan's employee pension account. All employees who joined the company on or after July 1, 2005, as well as those who opted for the new system before that date, are covered by the new pension plan. We make a 6% contribution of our employees' salaries and wages to the Labor Insurance Bureau (LIB) every month. Employees can also choose to contribute between 0% and 6% of their salaries and wages to their personal pension accounts. The Company will deduct their contributions from their monthly salaries and wages if requested.


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