Elevate Your Business with Avalue's Intelligent POS Solutions: Seamless Transactions, Innovative Technologies, and Versatile Applications

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Intelligent POS Solution​

Intelligent POS Solution​

Avalue's intelligent POS solution provides a wide of POS systems tailored for various markets and application requirements. Our product lineup features tablets, compact systems, desktop systems, and All-in-one terminals. By seamlessly integrating POS systems, POS software, and peripheral devices, our aim is to optimize the shopping experience for customers.

With the growing demand for seamless transactions, traditional payment methods are no longer enough. In addition to cash, credit cards, and Visa cards, the need for mobile payments is growing rapidly. Retailers must adopt new methods to accommodate as many consumers as possible. In addition, there is a shift in payment methods, and the demand for POS terminals is also diversifying, from traditional desktop POS terminals at the counter to mobile POS terminals that allow staff to provide table-side service.

Solution Highlights

Sleek & Stylish Design

Innovative Technologies

Versatile Applications

Multiple OS Supported

Why need Intelligent POS Solution​?

Intelligent POS solutions enhance efficiency, streamline inventory management, and provide valuable sales data. They boost customer service, ensure compliance, and offer cost savings, making them essential for modern businesses seeking operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Here are some reasons why customers and retailers may need an intelligent POS solution:

For Customers

- Quick and Simplified Transaction Process

- Multiple payment methods

- Personalized service 

- Enhanced Customer Service Efficiency

For Retailer

- Real-Time Inventory Management

- Increased efficiency

- Data Collection and Analysis

- Reduced human errors




Interactive POS Systems

Information checking System

Avalue Intelligent POS Prosucts

CAXAO Semi-rugged Tablet

CAXA0 semi-rugged tablet is a perfect and quick time-to-market solution for medical and healthcare use in addition to broad market applications in retail, warehouse & manufacturing management, vehicle maintenance, public safety and field management at the construction site.

Compact POS Terminal

Avalue’s all-in-one point of sale terminal offers full functionality including merchandise checkout, payment transaction, ticket printing, membership management, employee management as well as expandability of connecting to other devices.

Desktop POS Terminal

Rity POS series is Avalue new family of POS touch terminal total solution. Fanless POS are new to the industry and are manufactured with cutting edge POS technology, stability and trustworthiness; the machine can be controlled via BIOS without needing any disassembly or jumper setting. Rity POS series provides total solution exclusive equipped with System Manager software which is integrated with monitoring and self-testing. Focus on POS / KIOSK, electronic menus and other point of information.

Dual-display AIO POS Terminal

RiVar series has kept the POS terminal’s all-in-one functions, the greatest change to its exterior is the shift to desk stand from its previous triangular form, allowing users to view the screen at a more ergonomic angle. Its dual displays and versatile expansion options also meet requirements of different businesses and make assembly and maintenance more convenient. 

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